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Starting out as a metal flexible hose manufacturer, since 1971 we have never stopped combining reliability and innovation, practicality and aesthetics to always achieve maximum quality and efficiency. We produce meticulously crafted products, able to meet the most demanding plant industry needs.

Our method is not just production: it's style.

We create a quality, functional and targeted design, engraved on metal, in plant elements that control and support material states: flow ranging from liquid to gaseous state, from hot to cold.

Giorgi products constitute a plant's structural foundation, determining its efficiency and optimising its work processes.

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To express the essence of Giorgi style, we believe it is essential to also pay attention to every aspect of our communications.

For this reason, we have identified a new communications image that expresses the principles that make up our design: a combination of functionality, quality and aesthetics. An immersion in the single elements and conditions that Giorgi products succeed in dominating, from liquid fluidity to extreme temperature control and air pressure resistance.

We thus communicate a design with a human aspect, to further exalt the potential of a product custom designed to meet any specific demand.


In order to guarantee customer service, ensuring maximum efficiency during the production cycle, we have certified our Quality Management System according to the UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 standard.

We are authorised by TÜV Italia to affix the CE mark on our products and certify them according to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU, thanks to Module A2 for Flexible Hoses (Internal Production Control and Final Inspection Monitoring) and Module H for Metallic Expansion Joints (Full Quality Assurance).

We are also able to provide products according to the ATEX Directive 94/9/CE intended for use in potentially explosive atmospheres. In December 2014, we obtained Welding Management certification according the UNI EN ISO 3834-2:2006 standard and also according to the UNI EN 15085-2 standard, thus qualifying our products for railway applications.


We design a wide range of products and special processes based on the customer's needs. We develop custom designs: improving where necessary and recommending alternative solutions to facilitate assembly and optimised costs.

State of the art engineering studies demonstrate that, in the thermal expansion field, metal expansion joints are preferred due to their chemical-physical properties.

Their flexibility permits greater movement in several directions. Their type of structure helps to reduce load loss and, moreover, they are particularly suitable in extreme temperatures, guaranteeing low heat dispersion.

They are also the most popular for large diameter hoses, where their particular properties guarantee greater benefits.

However, it is important that the expansion joint is designed according the installation conditions in order to fully exploit its functions. For this reason, Giorgi Engineering has a team of specialised technicians able to find the right solution for any need.

Our corrugated metal flexible hoses are produced with special machines that, mechanically or hydraulically, form both parallel and helical undulations, according to the intended use. We also pay great attention to the external coating with one or more braids so as to guarantee that our hoses effectively resist to high pressures.

PTFE can be considered the polymer par excellence, thanks to its truly unique combination of low friction and expansion coefficients, chemical inertia, dielectric properties, resistance to temperatures and humidity, non-stick surface and high resistance. Our PTFE hoses are thus a safe solution even in the most difficult and hazardous uses, tested for use in the presence of oxygen and hydrogen, heat shocks or to eliminate static energy. They can be used with temperatures ranging from -55° to 240°, with peaks of 260°.

Our K-FLEX joints are used to transport pressurised fluids in various industrial sectors. They have a wide field of application since they eliminate coupling gaskets. They are highly resistant to fatigue and corrosion and have high soundproofing capacity. Furthermore, they have minimum axial space dimensions and limited weight.

We produce K-FLEX rubber joints, with flanged ends, that have a moulded body with a single wide-radius undulation, available in EPDM, Hypalon and NBR, with ASTM A 105, ASTM Tp. 304 and 316 flanges.

K-FLEX rubber joints with unions and K-FLEX shockproof rubber joints have a double undulation moulded body, available in EPDM, with ASTM A 105, ASTM Tp. 304 and 316 unions.

These are essential elements in the installation of both rigid hoses that exert a high vertical load as well as in insulated hoses or any situation where there is a need to eliminate friction on the support point, caused by dilation of the hose itself. The roller body and support carpentry (cage) are made of galvanised carbon steel while the pin that unites them is made of AISI 304 stainless steel with low static/dynamic friction PTFE-based self-lubricating bushings.

Different types of rollers are produced according to the vertical load and nominal diameter of the hose to be supported. There are also models that permit a 60 millimetre lateral shift to compensate for any misalignments or lateral movements.


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